Friday, May 15

Morning Wreck - (literally)

So this morning was the start of my plan for Jake and I to bike for exercise every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Apparently it was also the first warning that maybe I might end up in an ER because of this in the future. Just kidding - I hope not. Anyway, for my local blogging friends who know the area, we had just come down the Aviary overpass towards Goynes Elementary when Jake decided to take a left turn onto Deersprings. He took the corner really fast and I started to get nervous. The genetic factor that makes everyone in China so agile and coordinated on a bicycle has skipped me entirely. Of course, I slowed down a little, turned the corner, saw a metal sign pole, and promptly ran into it. Thank goodness the force of the impact threw me off the bike and I somehow managed to stay on my feet, but I'm pretty sure that I received a pretty good bruise in my pelvic area. All of this occurred within the first 15 minutes of our workout, so after another 45 minutes of riding, I'm definitely having issues with walking. Anyway, there happened to be this old couple that was walking on the opposite side of the street when my wreck occurred, and I feel good knowing that I probably made their day with my morning "blooper." Who needs to watch "America's Funniest Home Videos" when you can take a morning walk around Aliante.