Sunday, August 9

Highland Hills Stake Girls Camp

I got back from Girls Camp a couple weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. We had so much fun this year, and this was my first time I was able to go as a leader. All the other times I was in YW, I was either pregnant or nursing, so camp wasn't an option. Here are a few things we did at camp...

The girls set up a vanity - yes, complete with a table and mirror - to fix their hair and put on make-up everyday at camp. This was definitely new to me. I don't remember any girls putting on make-up when I went to camp 17 years ago.

The leaders...on the last day we took this picture. Yes, hanging out with a bunch of teenagers will cause you to revert back to adolescence. We had a blast doing our own crazy will probably come in another post...and I even let one of the girls put make-up on me.

Big Hair Day

Still Big Hair Day

Camp socks. Melissa found these really cute socks at Target that all had a little purple in them, (that was our ward color), so we all wore them on Wednesday.

In addition to all the fun we had, we did have some more serious and spiritual activities where the girls were able to learn and grow and bond most of all. I'll have to get those pictures from someone else - I seemed to have not taken an pictures of the amazing "Life Line" activity that we did. Those will be posted later though. We had dry weather though, despite the "flash flood" that hit camp on Saturday set-up day, (which ended up being postponed to Monday), and plenty of food, giant marshmallows, dessert, and late nights.

Monday, August 3

Loose Tooth? Tooth Fairy or Not?

While I was gone at camp (I'll blog about that tomorrow or Wednesday), Cooper apparently had been working on this loose tooth. Steph (my wonderful sister who was so kind and loving as to watch my kids for 1 week while I was at camp) said that Cooper had been holding a plastic sippy cup with just his teeth. Not really a good choice considering his past with his teeth. By the time I got back from camp Steph said that the bottom tooth was noticeably loose. Saturday at his friend's birthday party, the dad checked out his teeth and definitely said it was just about ready to fall out.

So, Monday night, here we are after dinner...We had noodles soup with chicken, carrots, and sliced cucumber sticks for dinner, then strawberry short cake for dessert, and Cooper decided that he wanted to finish off the last cucumber. He said he took a bite and forgot about his loose tooth, the tooth bent back, he went to grab it to put it back and it came off right into his hand! He was so excited, but thought I'd be mad he lost another tooth. (The first one he lost b/c it had to be pulled due to an unfortunate abscess.) So, he came to show me his tooth and I was so excited for him that he was really surprised. Anyway, I'm going to decorate a little Altoid tin for his "toothfairy" tooth box. For someone who doesn't believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny, I will make an exception. There aren't any religious holidays associated with this "pretend" fairy, so I won't ruin this one for him.

As a soon to be graduated dentist said upon looking at Cooper's teeth..."Cooper's going to be entering some really awkward years." Can't wait.

Friday, May 15

Morning Wreck - (literally)

So this morning was the start of my plan for Jake and I to bike for exercise every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Apparently it was also the first warning that maybe I might end up in an ER because of this in the future. Just kidding - I hope not. Anyway, for my local blogging friends who know the area, we had just come down the Aviary overpass towards Goynes Elementary when Jake decided to take a left turn onto Deersprings. He took the corner really fast and I started to get nervous. The genetic factor that makes everyone in China so agile and coordinated on a bicycle has skipped me entirely. Of course, I slowed down a little, turned the corner, saw a metal sign pole, and promptly ran into it. Thank goodness the force of the impact threw me off the bike and I somehow managed to stay on my feet, but I'm pretty sure that I received a pretty good bruise in my pelvic area. All of this occurred within the first 15 minutes of our workout, so after another 45 minutes of riding, I'm definitely having issues with walking. Anyway, there happened to be this old couple that was walking on the opposite side of the street when my wreck occurred, and I feel good knowing that I probably made their day with my morning "blooper." Who needs to watch "America's Funniest Home Videos" when you can take a morning walk around Aliante.

Sunday, April 5

Pump It Up and The Mix Zone Cafe

It was Najah's 1st birthday and she threw a party at Pump It Up. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast and got a great workout jumping on all the different things and climbing up the slides.

Najah's parents are part owners in a restaurant called The Mix Zone Cafe. It's Thai food and it's REALLY good. You can find it at 2202 WEST CHARLESTON BLVD. #5, LAS VEGAS -
(702) 493-2182
and don't plan on heading there too late - they close around 8pm. They do serve lunch and dinner though and I'm telling you, Jake and I really enjoyed it. We've been missing Thai food for a long time. Their green papaya salad is one of the best I've ever had. Their prices are VERY reasonable. Jake and I ordered 4 dishes for a total of $35 or something like that. The ambiance is awesome and the music is great. Anyway, check it out of you like to try new things or if you just love Thai food.

Here are the party pictures.

Najah with her tiara on.

Her first car. LOL

Katelyn satisfied after getting Steph's hat back on.

Katelyn trying to get Steph's hat on.

Steph laughing while Kate's trying to put her hat on.

Kate didn't want us jumping around in the jump house. She kept telling us "NO!"

And then she'd smile again.

Then we'd get more attitude when we started bouncing around.

And she's start to whine, (well, the party was during her normal nap time - but it was worth it).

Then she took off running around the jump house while I tried to get some pictures of her.

Cooper loved jumping/climbing onto the mushroom then jumping or diving off.

Mackenzie really had a lot of fun.

"King of the Hill"

Mackenzie just couldn't get enough of the slides.

Cooper couldn't either.

Blogging again.

The Kick N Littles had the first soccer game of the season on April 4th. They played the Chivas from Las Vegas Soccer Academy. I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you who the winner was. By the way, if there is a parent from Las Vegas Soccer Academy who happens to read this, email me please. I'd love to know how I can get Cooper into the program. ;) Anyway, the kids had a blast - okay, so only a few of the kids had a blast and the rest were freezing their tails off. It had to be at least 20 mph winds. Cooper had to wear his thick red hooded coat under his soccer shirt. Funny, he asked me where his gloves were before we left the house and I laughed at him and said, "you don't need gloves, it's warm outside." Yeah right, I was freezing wearing my jacket and wrapped up in a blanket with Katelyn (who was otherwise occupied with eating her apple and unaware of how cold it was).

I may have put Cooper in the wrong sport. He was getting ready to hike the ball, I think. Maybe I'll try pee wee football next time.

Still didn't get it the second time, but it was cute.

Third time's a charm, right? Really though, he knew he was playing soccer. I have to say though, he looks like he's getting ready to run someone over.

First kick.

The other team. The were sprinting down the field to score in our goal. This occured multiple times. Our team was a little slow to react. I'm just glad they had fun though. Winning is definitely something that's taught to us because they didn't even realize that this little 5 yr old cute Mexican team kicked their butts. Anyway, glad I put Cooper in if I can just figure out how to teach him to control the ball.

Here we are...sweat dried and proud to have finished the 13 mile Red Rock loop. Oh yes, I was having trouble sitting down on the fence and no, I wasn't looking.

Wednesday, April 1

Spring Mountain Ranch Easter Egg Hunt

We just did a quick little Easter Egg Hunt at Spring Mountain Ranch today since it was our playgroup outing. No worries, if you missed out we're doing another one at next Wednesday's playgroup. Anyway, here are some of the pictures. The kids were so cute - and the boys could hardly wait too. They were so fast and did a great job. Kate was a little too quick this year to get good pictures, but I took a lot of pictures of my niece Mackenzie. I need a quicker camera.

Mackenzie picking up her egg.

Lily opening up each egg she picks up. (She was too cute!)

Cooper racing to find more eggs.
Gavin - definitely the fastest one in the bunch, and so generous to share with everyone else.
Katelyn taking forever to get each egg in her bag, and passing up several eggs trying to find the one she wanted.
Trying to get the kids to pose together. Yes, it was a failure.

Sunday, March 22

A Half Marathon.....

Almost. This post is a little late, and I'm still waiting for some pictures from my friend Carly, but last Monday I finally completed a goal that I've had for a few months. No, I didn't run in a half marathon, but for those of you who know Las Vegas, and the Red Rock loop, I finally ran it!!! More like a medium paced jog, but I did the whole thing and never stopped to walk. I was so worried and anxious that I had a hard time sleeping the night before. Thanks to my two amazing friends (who by the way have done this a few times) and especially to Britney who is even more amazing to me now (since she just ran the Red Rock Half Marathon 2 weeks before), they cheered me on and kept me going the whole way. It was AMAZING!! So, I'll have to post pictures later. I also have to catch up on a couple other posts of Cooper's soccer practices. It's so cute to watch them practice, and he really likes it too. I'm sure it helps that most of his friends are on the team. Gotta go make some cards now.

Sunday, January 11

Seriously neglecting my blog.

She is sooo like my mother. This was Christmas morning and Katelyn got to open her present from Auntie Karly. Yes, you guess right...fake earrings, bracelet, and high heels. As soon as she opened it up she wanted to put on the high heels and was trying to figure out the earrings. It was pretty hilarious, especially when Jake said "oh, she is soooo your mother."

Cooper got another stuffed puppy from Great Grandma Gaye Fisk!! He was really excited since his puppy "Emma" (apparently all cute puppies are named Emma, after his friend, and all ugly puppies are boys) needed a big sister or mom or something like that. Anyway, he was stoked and these two stuffed dogs really look'll see in another picture below.

Katelyn was taking care of the trash. We had a ton of wrapping paper and tissue paper that need disposing of, so we put her in charge. She was really glad to have a new "job" around the house and was putting EVERYTHING in the garbage. I had to watch her to make sure none of the Christmas presents ended up there.

The puppies. Aren't they all so cute? The black one with the bandana is Katelyn's. I originally got it for Cooper, but he liked his other white with brown spots on it puppy better. The white one with the handles on it was Katelyn's gift from Great Grandma Gaye Fisk and she put her jewelry in it. It really was a perfect little purse for her...I say "was" because she just uses it for a stuffed animal now.

Steph, Tim, and I took Cooper and Katelyn to Springs Preserve to see the light display there. It was really cool and despite the fact that it was cold, they were excited to see a new area of the Preserve Museum that they hadn't seen before. Also, the coolest balloon artist was there...we saw him at a storytime at Potterybarn Kids before...and the guy was really amazed that Katelyn talked so much and especially that she asked for a sword instead of a girly thing. Cooper and Katelyn had grand plans to have sword fights when we got home, but it never happened. They also got to have their faces painted, which was a really fun thing for both of them. Cooper had them put a fish on each cheek, and Katelyn got an Elmo. I think she was asking for an "animal," but it must have sounded like "Elmo." She actually has no clue who or what Elmo is.

This is my summary of the end of December. Yes, I still have to catch up on almost 2 weeks of January. Ugh.