Wednesday, December 12

Aprons for Sale!!!

What's the best way to add a little spark to your kitchen? Put on one of these fun and feminine aprons from Apron Girls!

Here are some Apron Girls items for sale. Check out the pictures, and if you're interested in buying them contact us at or The first 3 aprons are adult one size fits all (but closer to a M or L).

The 2 pictures above are aprons for girls ages 3-7 years old. The adorable little girl's apron above with the rose pink satin pocket matches the adult apron below for a mom & me pair. Another great gift for a little girl's birthday or Christmas for your wife and daughter.

These last 3 are also adult one size fits all (best fit to M and L). So, give us an email if you're interested in buying. Need a gift for a birthday, bridal shower, wedding, or holiday...these make GREAT gifts...especially with Christmas coming up.

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Kathryn said...

Hey, how are you guys?! I saw your comment on my blog, welcome to blogging! And I LOVE the aprons, so cute! So, the Fisks are in Vegas, eh? I hope everything is going great for ya. We're still in the same little duplex you left us in, but we have our eyes set on a house sometime in the not so distant future.

Take care!