Tuesday, May 13

Updated Pictures of My Dawgs...

Or Coop Dawg and the girls that is. Here's a bunch of pictures for you guys who are jonesin' for a little cutie pie or three...

Cooper's been swimming A LOT these days. He's started practicing going underwater, jumping in with both feet, swimming backwards, sideways, and forwards, and using his new snorkel and mask. He's hoping for some flippers, but we're waiting for his kicking technique to improve first.

Kenzie has been kickin' it at the pool, and hanging out in her phat new ride (otherwise known as the lily pad floatie). I have to admit, she looks pretty comfortable...I should get one of the adult ones at Costco. Kenzie is also sporting a new summer suit, complete with hat and butt ruffles. Isn't this cute?? (Target - kid's section)And than here's my Kate, gettin' all dolled up and stuff. No, she's not going to prom - too young for that, just going out on the town. Actually, I think we were just going to Steph & Tim's house for a little movie night and BBQ. We've been doing that a lot lately. Steph and I actually sewed a huge movie screen out of muslin and tarp. It's pretty cool and we were able to watch some fun movies with the kids.

I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this, but Asians have this thing about the sun - they're afraid of it. Katelyn's resorted to hiding from it...I'm not sure why. Just kidding, actually she just has this thing about putting things on her head - she loves calling those things hats - even if they're not.

Here are my three angels - when they're not "pretending" to be devils...LOL, but they love to hug and hold each other - and my two can't get enough of smothering poor Kenzie. Good thing she is really mellow or I think there would be more screaming and less laughing. Seriously, Kenzie takes it like a sport; she even laughs and smiles now when the kids are all over her.

Last one for the evening...the kids were in the shower with "Papa Bear" and of course, it wouldn't be true daddy time unless they came out sporting MOHAWKS!! Doesn't my daughter look intimidating? I was pretty impressed.

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Natalie Jane said...

Wow! Your kids are beautiful. And your son looks so much like Jake.