Tuesday, September 2

Jackson Hole, Yellowstone Bear World, Yellowstone

Has anyone been to these three places? Well, it's just beautiful up there. I definitely think that everyone should try it. I'm just going to add some pictures really quick - I've got a ton of stuff to do and I need to put pictures of Jake and Tim's triathalon. We're so proud of those two guys - they really did a great job...mostly because we were proud of them for finishing. It's not super easy and you definitely have to be set in following through. There were 2 people who came out of the race right at the beginning of the swim, not even 20 yards out into the 500 m swim. Enough about that though. The first pictures is at Jenny Lake - a little past Jackson Hole. This is Inspiration Point - no, I was not really inspired up there, but it was beautiful. I was freaking out when we hiked up there because there were some really sharp/steep drop offs and I HATE heights. Yes, I know, I stunt, rock climb, etc... but I'm still afraid of heights. It makes me nauseaus.
Family picture - the guys were working hard back in Vegas while we toured the wonders of God's creations. This is a waterfall - don't remember the name, (there were a lot of them all over the place) but it was beautiful and we had to go on a scenic walk to get there. I kept worrying that Cooper was going to slide down the hill and fall into the water - that wouldn't have been good. Apparently he's smarter than I think he is.

Yes, we fed the chipmunks. If you're against that, don't judge me - the kids had a blast and the chipmunks were hungry. Anyway, it was fun and they were cute. I was worried that someone was going to step on them. I'll have to post the Yellowstone and Yellowstone Bear World later. Something is not working quite right with the blogger upload image thing.


The Burly said...

Hi Angie it is so good to read about what is going on with your life. Me and Elena were just talking about you the other day and wondering what happened to our Angie. Anywho, you look great and you make cute babies. As well you are very crafty. I like the mothers day card very classy:) Oh yeah you may want to forego getting so close to the vermin in state parks you'll come down with the plegue(sp?). Hehehehe! They are cute little buggers though:)

T & J & V said...

how did you know i had a blog and i didn't know you did!!! i am so sorry, but glad i get to stalk you now, haha. cute kiddies by the way.

Stu and Kaycee said...

I tagged you on my last post :) Feel free to join the fun when you get the chance.