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TAGGED!! 7 Facts About Me...

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1. I'm 30 years old and still scared of the dark. No really, I am. When I was little, my parents use to think it was funny to run up the stairs ahead of my sister and I and turn all the lights off and jump out and scare us as we were running up the stairs to our room. The first thing I do when I'm in someone's house or move into a new place I look for the light switches. If I'm by myself I'll test them all to see which lights they go to so I can move from room to room with at least 1 light on.

2. I'm a "jack-of-all-trades," master of none. I've always been able to do a lot of things and be good at them, but I've never been the best at anything. Unfortunately I think I've got the genetic Chinese ability to copy but not be an original creator.

3. I've got a tiny scar on my forehead from a .44 magnum pistol. Some friends of mine at BYU took me shooting in Payson, UT. We didn't wear any ear muffs and I did fine with the rifles. Apparently, a .22 rifle is way different than a .44 pistol. The pistol was on a towel laid on the hood of an old Ford Tempo, and when I pulled the trigger the noise was so loud it scared me and the pistol kicked right as I let go of it, so my forehead took a huge kick and I dropped the gun on the ground.

4. I have a lot of big ideas that never go very far. Every once in a while I have some crazy idea that I think can be a business, but then I think of all the work that it's going to take and on top of that being a mom, and I get overwhelmed and give up. I know, lame. If you look at the older posts on my blog there are pictures of aprons. I had a little short-lived apron business where I picked these fabrics and design, had them made (when I was in China I had a great seamstress) and then sold them. I think I sold about 28 or so, and these are the ones I still have left. I also make hairbows, baby wrap carriers, and slings...but none have made it to big business. So here I am, the daughter of 2 entrepreneurs and always dreaming of new ideas.

5. I planned on going to law school after I graduated at BYU. Yes, it was my idea to become a lawyer and specialize in family law - hoping to help those women who were wronged in custody battles or to help couples with adoptions. I even took the LSAT, but I knew I'd have to re-take it to get into to the top schools, (I set my sights on UC Berkley). I married Jake though and the LSAT was so unappealing to me that I procrastinated until I had Cooper. Now I'd like to study graphic design when my kids are all in school.

6. When I was pregnant with Cooper, I ate 5 lbs of fuji apples from Buska Farms every week. The farmer's market across the street from us in San Leandro, CA had this stand that had AWESOME fujis. They were so sweet and crispy and just perfectly sized for a snack. On the weekends that I was out of town, I'd have my friend Stephanie May pick some up for me. When I became pregnant with Katelyn, I ordered a box of apples from Buska Farms and he even remembered who I was.

7. When I was 3 months pregnant with Cooper, I went on a week-long white-water rafting trip and swam the "eye of the needle" rapid due to intense family peer pressure. I couldn't say no to my brother-in-law, husband, sister-in-law, and Jake's cousins. I thought I was going to die - I'm not a big water lover outside of the pool, but I made it through the 2 huge rapids and as I attempted to swim towards shore I had to call for someone to pull me in. Thank goodness I had the "golden child..." (Cooper was the first grandson on both sides.)

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Brigg and Dianne said...

Even after our long talks I didn't know any of that about you! That was very cool to read. See you tomorrow!