Sunday, December 7

Christmas Day 2 and 3

I just HAD to take this picture of Kate and Kenzie on Tuesday. Steph and I had them wear matching outfits, all the way down to their matching legwarmers. I'm not sure how many of you wore legwarmers as kids, but I grew up in the 80's, so I definitely wore them. They're back in style now, but I'm just too old to pull it off. If Kate's hair was longer and thicker, I would've put her hair in a side ponytail.

Day 2:
Cooper and Katelyn wanted to make Christmas cards. Specifically, they wanted to water paint Santa. I ended up printing out a picture of Santa and a picture of a reindeer to fit on a card front. Then I used a pencil to scribble on the back so that I could transfer it to a piece of water color paper. After transferring the kids used my water color pencils to color it in, then used a brush with water to spread the color on the picture. They had so much fun doing this - and of course I forgot to take pictures.

Day 3:
We went to the Lied Children's Museum. It was our Wednesday playgroup outing. Again, no pictures. Cooper and Katelyn really enjoying playing at the pretend grocery store. It was the first area that we saw when we went in and all the kids had a blast touching all the things that they're never allowed to touch in a real store. They also had a bubble station and water area that they played in. Upstairs there was a wind display where you entered this cylinder shaped room and the wind gets up to about 78 mph. Kate loved it - the other kids were a little scared. I was happy to find that Kate's "Kisses Clippie" didn't slip off her hair at all. When it was time to leave, Cooper kept trying to block my way, saying "I don't want to go, we haven't stayed long enough, don't make me leave!" It was frustrating, but at least it made me feel like the $7 I paid to get us in was worth it.

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Melissa Dunsmoor said...

I love the leg warmers. I used to wear them too with the side pony and all! Good times.