Monday, August 3

Loose Tooth? Tooth Fairy or Not?

While I was gone at camp (I'll blog about that tomorrow or Wednesday), Cooper apparently had been working on this loose tooth. Steph (my wonderful sister who was so kind and loving as to watch my kids for 1 week while I was at camp) said that Cooper had been holding a plastic sippy cup with just his teeth. Not really a good choice considering his past with his teeth. By the time I got back from camp Steph said that the bottom tooth was noticeably loose. Saturday at his friend's birthday party, the dad checked out his teeth and definitely said it was just about ready to fall out.

So, Monday night, here we are after dinner...We had noodles soup with chicken, carrots, and sliced cucumber sticks for dinner, then strawberry short cake for dessert, and Cooper decided that he wanted to finish off the last cucumber. He said he took a bite and forgot about his loose tooth, the tooth bent back, he went to grab it to put it back and it came off right into his hand! He was so excited, but thought I'd be mad he lost another tooth. (The first one he lost b/c it had to be pulled due to an unfortunate abscess.) So, he came to show me his tooth and I was so excited for him that he was really surprised. Anyway, I'm going to decorate a little Altoid tin for his "toothfairy" tooth box. For someone who doesn't believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny, I will make an exception. There aren't any religious holidays associated with this "pretend" fairy, so I won't ruin this one for him.

As a soon to be graduated dentist said upon looking at Cooper's teeth..."Cooper's going to be entering some really awkward years." Can't wait.


Stephanie said...

Josh just started loosing teeth recently too. He was scared at first then elated to know the tooth fairy would be coming.

loves2spin said...

How wonderful! I clearly remember how exciting it was when the tooth fairy visited me as a child.