Sunday, January 11

Seriously neglecting my blog.

She is sooo like my mother. This was Christmas morning and Katelyn got to open her present from Auntie Karly. Yes, you guess right...fake earrings, bracelet, and high heels. As soon as she opened it up she wanted to put on the high heels and was trying to figure out the earrings. It was pretty hilarious, especially when Jake said "oh, she is soooo your mother."

Cooper got another stuffed puppy from Great Grandma Gaye Fisk!! He was really excited since his puppy "Emma" (apparently all cute puppies are named Emma, after his friend, and all ugly puppies are boys) needed a big sister or mom or something like that. Anyway, he was stoked and these two stuffed dogs really look'll see in another picture below.

Katelyn was taking care of the trash. We had a ton of wrapping paper and tissue paper that need disposing of, so we put her in charge. She was really glad to have a new "job" around the house and was putting EVERYTHING in the garbage. I had to watch her to make sure none of the Christmas presents ended up there.

The puppies. Aren't they all so cute? The black one with the bandana is Katelyn's. I originally got it for Cooper, but he liked his other white with brown spots on it puppy better. The white one with the handles on it was Katelyn's gift from Great Grandma Gaye Fisk and she put her jewelry in it. It really was a perfect little purse for her...I say "was" because she just uses it for a stuffed animal now.

Steph, Tim, and I took Cooper and Katelyn to Springs Preserve to see the light display there. It was really cool and despite the fact that it was cold, they were excited to see a new area of the Preserve Museum that they hadn't seen before. Also, the coolest balloon artist was there...we saw him at a storytime at Potterybarn Kids before...and the guy was really amazed that Katelyn talked so much and especially that she asked for a sword instead of a girly thing. Cooper and Katelyn had grand plans to have sword fights when we got home, but it never happened. They also got to have their faces painted, which was a really fun thing for both of them. Cooper had them put a fish on each cheek, and Katelyn got an Elmo. I think she was asking for an "animal," but it must have sounded like "Elmo." She actually has no clue who or what Elmo is.

This is my summary of the end of December. Yes, I still have to catch up on almost 2 weeks of January. Ugh.


Brigg and Dianne said...

Cute Christmas! Your tree was very good looking! Mine was so ghetto.
I have to check the trash often, too. I found Haley's barbie that Heidi put in there!

Melissa Dunsmoor said...

I love the picture of Katelyn showing off her new jewels! I am glad I wasn't the only one neglecting my blog!