Sunday, April 5

Pump It Up and The Mix Zone Cafe

It was Najah's 1st birthday and she threw a party at Pump It Up. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast and got a great workout jumping on all the different things and climbing up the slides.

Najah's parents are part owners in a restaurant called The Mix Zone Cafe. It's Thai food and it's REALLY good. You can find it at 2202 WEST CHARLESTON BLVD. #5, LAS VEGAS -
(702) 493-2182
and don't plan on heading there too late - they close around 8pm. They do serve lunch and dinner though and I'm telling you, Jake and I really enjoyed it. We've been missing Thai food for a long time. Their green papaya salad is one of the best I've ever had. Their prices are VERY reasonable. Jake and I ordered 4 dishes for a total of $35 or something like that. The ambiance is awesome and the music is great. Anyway, check it out of you like to try new things or if you just love Thai food.

Here are the party pictures.

Najah with her tiara on.

Her first car. LOL

Katelyn satisfied after getting Steph's hat back on.

Katelyn trying to get Steph's hat on.

Steph laughing while Kate's trying to put her hat on.

Kate didn't want us jumping around in the jump house. She kept telling us "NO!"

And then she'd smile again.

Then we'd get more attitude when we started bouncing around.

And she's start to whine, (well, the party was during her normal nap time - but it was worth it).

Then she took off running around the jump house while I tried to get some pictures of her.

Cooper loved jumping/climbing onto the mushroom then jumping or diving off.

Mackenzie really had a lot of fun.

"King of the Hill"

Mackenzie just couldn't get enough of the slides.

Cooper couldn't either.

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The Burly said...

Oh my goodness Kate is such a cutie pie! I especially like the picture where she is telling people no. She looks so sassy:)!!