Wednesday, April 1

Spring Mountain Ranch Easter Egg Hunt

We just did a quick little Easter Egg Hunt at Spring Mountain Ranch today since it was our playgroup outing. No worries, if you missed out we're doing another one at next Wednesday's playgroup. Anyway, here are some of the pictures. The kids were so cute - and the boys could hardly wait too. They were so fast and did a great job. Kate was a little too quick this year to get good pictures, but I took a lot of pictures of my niece Mackenzie. I need a quicker camera.

Mackenzie picking up her egg.

Lily opening up each egg she picks up. (She was too cute!)

Cooper racing to find more eggs.
Gavin - definitely the fastest one in the bunch, and so generous to share with everyone else.
Katelyn taking forever to get each egg in her bag, and passing up several eggs trying to find the one she wanted.
Trying to get the kids to pose together. Yes, it was a failure.

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Brigg and Dianne said...

Love the pics! I am so sad we didn't make it today, but I am so glad there will be another one! We will definitely make it to that one!