Sunday, November 16


*Two names I go by: Angie and Relicious (Jake made that up for the times that I do absolutely absurd things)
*Two things I am wearing right now: Glasses and PJs
*Two things I want in my life right now: To finish decorating my condo and a gift certificate to Papertrey Ink
*Two things I did last night: Went to the temple and checked my blogs
*Two things I ate today: Homemade fried rice and homemade pizza
*Two of my favorite drinks: Water and Sam's Choice Cranberry Black Cherry
*My favorite thing to do with my right hand: Maneuver the mouse??
*Two favorite positions of the sun: Sunrise and Noon
*Two favorite things to do in the fall/autumn: Hike and Camp
*My favorite article of clothing: My Li'l Maggie Lucky jeans
*My first disappointment: hmmm, not answering that one
*Movie line that is always stuck in your head no matter what you do to get it out: "Niner"

I tag Diane, Christy, and Julie!


jakenapril said...

nice, angie. "niner!" that's another one we use a lot.

Stephanie said...

We have quite a few things in common. My favorite drink is Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry.