Sunday, October 19

All I have from Katelyn's Birthday...

Are two pictures. No, we didn't really do gifts (just a couple), and I made a yellow ice cream cake with cookies & cream ice cream and chocolate ganache frosting, but I forgot to take pictures of the cake before we cut it - she she had a piece of cake with 1 candle in it. It's okay though, she still doesn't know how to blow out candles anyway. Am I lame?? Don't answer that - I already know what you guys think... Anyway, here are the two pictures.
Okay, so maybe she does look a little disappointed in the picture, but she was really happy, I promise.

As I was looking in the folder for this picture, I found another one that I have to post, b ecause it's pretty funny. My Kate has a friend named Katelyn (her mom is my visiting teacher - and she's really the best visiting teacher), but they're about 10 months apart. I'm sure you'll be able to tell in this photo that Kate's friend is a little taller. Guess who's older?? My Kate. She's really quite pygmy-ish, but don't let her fool you. She can hold her own. Kate always gets excited when she sees Katelyn, but it's a little confusing because they never can tell who's talking to who. I guess that happens when you have friends with the same name.

This is what else the kids have been up too - since September. I'm still a month behind. They LOVE to pretend cook, Katelyn loves to take Kenzie on rides (well, not always, but sometimes when she thinks it's cute or when Steph and I put them both on the car together), and this was one of the last pool days that the kids had before I decided Cooper needed a new hangout.

I'll have to do one more post for September - as it was Cooper's 1st day of pre-school and he's been having a blast ever since. I'll post a couple of his firsts, since he just had his 1st day of gymnastics class. The Silver Mesa Recreation Center has some great classes, and the best part about it is that it's affordable and the building is REALLY clean.

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