Wednesday, October 15

Fishing and the Priest Lake Cabin

Okay, I don't know many 4 1/2 yr olds who love fishing more than this guy here. Seriously, he was so excited about this trip that he kept talking about it for weeks before and weeks after. Honestly, he still talks about it. Oh, and that giant to the right of the picture...that's Uncle Landan, (also known as Cooper and Katelyn's personal body guard.) So, Cooper, Katelyn, and I all went to Spokane around September 5th. Yes, it was a long time ago - I'm lame when it comes to posting. We went there because we just sold a house we were renting to massage therapists, and I had to sign the closing documents and get my stuff out of there before the official closing. Thank goodness that Landan was there to help me move stuff...well it was more like he moved the stuff and I was busy sorting through stuff. I'm going to hijack my own post to just mention that if anyone has a brother-in-law as good as mine, you must be lucky, and it's a good thing that I have the only 2 grandchildren in Jake's family 'cause that's the only reason why I'm Landan's favorite. Okay - back to the post. My in-laws decided to take this opportunity with the grandkids to go up to the cabin and take Cooper fishing. The pole you see in the picture was a Christmas gift from Jake's dad 2 years ago and he used it for the first time on this trip. Oh, I guess this was a moose that they saw when they were up at the cabin. Pretty cool, huh. Cooper loves stuff like this. Well, I actually let Cooper go up to the cabin with Jake's dad, Landan, and Nathan. This was a big thing for me, especially since I knew there were guns up there. Jake's mom, Katelyn, and I met up with them on Saturday (which is when I caught the "Twilight" fever.) The kids had so much fun with their uncles...and Uncle Nathan even took each of them on a private canoe ride.

Cooper and Katelyn posing for Grandpa. Cooper practicing his "roping skills."

Grandpa was teaching the kids how to rope on our last day there. They were practicing out in front of the cabin. I'm pretty sure they were having a blast, but I made Cooper leave the rope at the Grandpa's house. I definitely didn't want any rope accidents when I got home. By the way, you don't see any pictures of Jake's mom and I because we were hiding in the cabin, engrossed in the "Twilight" series.